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4" by 6" matte sticker sheet! These stickers curated and edited in Procreate, Machine cut in Cricut, and then trimmed by hand.


What is Alpha Llama?!?


I heard someone explain GoWild as a Planner Sorority and my spicy imagination immediately picked out our hand signal, first chapter "Alpha Llama", and just as I started to work out our sorority song I realized that maybe I should book a place to stay in real life LOL

*This is my first year and I feel the Llama Love that I've seen all over social media and YouTube. I'm sad I didn't take the plunge earlier and am extremely grateful to experience it now with near 2,000 new planner friends.  Alpha Llama is the not so secret Sorority that all Llamas are welcome to join.  We are all about planners, stickers, pens, all things pretty and functional, shopping and budgeting, journaling and meal prepping.  Stationery makes us happy and we love sharing happy mail with our friends!  


Things to know about the llama:

(Taken from the Official GoWild Group) 

Name: Rainbow

• the llama holds no gender. The llama just is.

• the llama is whoever you need the llama to be.

• the llama is everyone’s best friend and loves us all equally.

• the llama plans both on paper and digitally.

• the llama plans both decoratively and with just pen and paper. 

• the llama doesn’t care how you show up to GO Wild. The llama just wants you to show up as yourself. (I mean, the llama doesn’t wear pants to GO Wild so the llama doesn’t judge.)

Llama Love - Sticker Sheet


All items are created upon order. Please allow 2-3 Weeks to process. For more info read the Shipping Policy Here

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