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About Just Starkey

The Full Story

Starting my own Business was something that seemed like it was out of my reach.  After all, my education was in Religious Studies and Art.  How was I supposed to start up my own shop?  I watched countless hours of YouTube and TikTok.  Read up on every small business article and book I could get my hands on.  I realized that the dream wasn't so far out of reach because I had done things like this in the past (Thanks Girl Scouts..those cookies set me up for life!)

   Then 2020 happened.  Everyone went online.  I knew I had to think fast because my career path was very much an "in-person" kind of deal.  I started doing random jobs online - making logos, teaching piano, I was even a virtual assistant.  But I knew it was time that I stopped working for everyone else's dream and took the chance on myself. 

   I started out by drawing my own Die Cuts and hand-making earrings.  It was pretty awesome, but the rush to come up with a new release each month was overwhelming - especially for one person.  Instead of cutting all of my die cuts at home, I outsourced to a local stationery shop and had them print and cut my designs.  While it was pretty amazing how much more time I had..the cost outweighed the worth and I went back to printing and cutting my stickers at home.  

   I get some of these questions pretty often so I thought I would leave a F.A.Q. below.  Thanks for being a part of my journey and for supporting me.  You're making my dreams come true.


"What printer do you use?"

-Currently I am using the Epson Eco Tank 8550.  If you are looking to create stickers yourself, I would suggest using anything from the Eco Tank line.  You dont have to go big like I did, but the quality of prints have been really nice.

"Do you draw all of your art?"

- I do a mixture of hand drawn, collabs, purchased art, and art that I’ve curated.  There are many artists that I support through use of their art that I have licensed permission to.  I also hand draw my own art on Procreate and use Cricut Design Space to manipulate images.


"How do I get on the Design Team"

- Applications will open again in 2024!  Make sure you are subscribed to stay up on the latest releases and updates.  

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