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Hey friend. We are all on our own personal journey. Sometimes it feels like we get stuck and cant see the path thats right in front of us. This book really is a tool to take what is inside of you and and take the leap toward your next Thing. I believe that faith is at the center of completing big Things. There is space for you to write down what you are feeling and thinking. Space to write down what you are hearing from God. Plus some pretty embarrassing stories that will help you appreciate your own story a little more. Remember, it's not where you come from, but where you are going.

This is a pre-order. Books will begin shipping at the end of February.

Please contact Chrissy for details on a group discount for book orders 5+

A note from the author: The views reflected in this book are meant to help start the discussion of self realization, faith, and planning.

Do the Next Thing - Book

This is a Pre-Order. Expect 2-3 weeks for shipping.
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