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If you love reading and love collecting stickers to put in your planners, journals, on you computer/phone case…pretty much anywhere, the Star✨Club was made for you! 

Each month you'll receive 2 sticker sheets, 2 diecuts, and a bookmark, plus you’ll have access inside a private group to share how you’re using your goodies, get sneak peeks, and vote on each months theme.


Sticker Details:
-Sticker Material - White Matte Sticker Sheets + weather resistant vinyl diecuts

-Sticker Sheets are approx. 4" x 6" 

-Diecuts size varies on design but are typically 2-3” 

How the Star✨Club Works:

  • Your monthly Star✨Club mail will ship out around the 10th of each month

  • It will be shipped via first class mail with a stamp so there will be no tracking (unless waiting to ship all together..see * below)

  • The next month's theme will be announced around the 22nd of each month.  The cut off for signing up for the new month is the 6th.

  • As a subscriber, your subscription will renew on the date you joined each month.

Important Dates
- On the 22nd of each month, the next month's theme will be announced on social media and in the Star✨Club private group.
- The cut off to join is the 6th (ex: If you want in on the June monthly Star✨Club, you would need to join by the cutoff date of June 6th)
- If you are a subscriber, your subscription is locked in and automatically renewed each month on the date you originally joined.
- All Star✨Club mail will ship out around the 10th of each month.

If you order other products with this listing, those will ship by themselves sooner within the normal processing time.

The Star✨Club will ship out by itself around the 10th of the month via a stamp (with no tracking)
*If you would rather wait until the 10th and receive everything in one shipment so the entire order has tracking, please leave me a note during checkout!*

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