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Looking for a fun way to update your planner?  This Custom Name Planner Cover is perfect!  Choose your name/word and the color you want it printed.

Available in Micro, Mini, and Classic sizes that fit on the Happy Planner.

The back cover is complementary color(s) of the front and the insides are white. 


If you do not want the covers punched, please note that in the checkout, otherwise they will come punched.


If you'd like a Custom Cover that listing is available here:

Classic Name - Cover Set


Thank you for your interest in having a custom cover created!  There are a few restrictions when it comes to personalizing your cover.  Please understand that the longer your personalization is, it might have to take up multiple lines or your text will be smaller than the sample.  The customization that you choose will be printed as requested.  If you have any edits or changes before the item has shipped you can email  

*No obscene, derogatory, or defaming names/words of any kind will be printed.  Thank you for understanding.

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