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Proverbs 5 Bible Study

Proverbs 5

H: 5:1-2

E: This chapter is all about staying far away from adultery.  The warning is clear that if you stray away from the path and decide to take on another persons spouse..that things are going to get pretty difficult.

A: I decided to really let the first two verses set in.  We’ve been learning that wisdom/insight from God will preserve and protect us.  It will lead to many good things.  In vs 2 it adds another element: that discretion would be maintained and our lips would preserve knowledge.  It’s one thing to know what is right, but it’s a complete different thing to uphold and say what is right.  I know that hits deep.  Sometimes what is true and wise isn’t the popular topic.  Many will choose to be silent instead of speaking up.  This is a problem in itself.  Yes, this chapter is about adultery, but the wisdom we are receiving spans across all areas of our life.  Things that might not have been apparent to you in the past might start highlighting themselves.  Wisdom would then tell you if you see something, then you say something.  All in the heart of preserving, protecting, and loving ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us that may or may not have a “voice”.

R: I feel like God is saying that He gives us wisdom to be a light.  So that we can help others.  What good is it for a light to be hidden under a basket? (Matthew 5:14-16)

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