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Proverbs 3 Bible Study

Proverbs 3

H: 3:5-6

E: I remember learning this scripture at church camp as a kid.  We would memorize all these verses and scream them at the top of our lungs

Good ol church camp

One thing im recognizing this time around through Proverbs is that God is pleading with us to seek wisdom so that He can bless us.  He wants to lead us down the path of righteousness.  He wants to bring blessings to our home.  All He requires of us is to trust and seek His wisdom.  Then the supporting scriptures show how to not seek wisdom.  For example, don’t just make people mad because you feel like being a jerk (read devious Prov. 3:32) The scripture goes as far to say that the Lord detests it.

A: I feel like this scripture applies in our time because many are seeking what is right in their own eyes.  Someone’s “truth” may be just a front for choosing what feels good, but this doesn’t mean that it’s right or will lead them down a path of blessing/peace.  In verse 7 we are reminded to not be wise in our own eyes and to turn away from evil.  It’s when we honor God with our decisions that He will bring blessings that are bursting at the seams (vs 10)

R: I’d rather have years of peace added to my life than years of struggle and stumbling from not seeking the Lord.  I definitely am going to be more intentional about asking God for wisdom on the daily.  I’ve asked all the time when it would come to big decisions (buying a house/car, college, adoption..etc) but I want to be more mindful on the daily basis and just take a moment to seek wisdom.  I feel like I’m running around making fast decisions and in reality I need to slow down and really bring God into my day more.

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