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Proverbs 2 Bible Study

Proverbs 2

H: 2:9

E: I know I’m not the only one who hears people ask “what’s wrong with people/the world?!” Wisdom is more than just answering the problem with words, but it holds action and change.  In chapter 2 we read that if we truly seek Wisdom and call it out, it will come to us.

A: To live without wisdom is a scary idea.  It’s like knowing that the stove is hot and throwing your hand down on top of it.  You know it’s a bad idea but you do it anyway and now you have to live with the consequences.  I think living without Gods Wisdom is like this.  We know we can and should turn to Him.  We know the traps and that sin separates us..yet we choose it anyway.  It is so important that we seek Gods Wisdom daily!

R: Lord, thank you for your Wisdom.  For giving it to us when we truly seek it.  For illuminating the path that we should take and highlighting the areas to avoid.  Please help us to remember to walk in your Wisdom every day.  Thank you for your protection from the ways of the wicked and for the blessings you are giving.  Amen!

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