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Proverbs 1 Study

Proverbs 1

H: 1:7

E: This is a verse I’ve had to relearn and reject false teaching I grew up around.  Fear of the Lord was always talked about and turn or burn was a popular mantra for that belief system.  I remember hearing preachers scream until their faces were soaked with sweat about the eternal hell fires we would experience if we didn’t give our lives to God. We were already saved, but it wasn’t enough.  More on that later, but this scripture actually speaks about respecting God and His word..reverencing Him.  Not scaring people into following.

A: For me this is a reminder of how especially important it is to fact check scripture when listening to someone else’s interpretation of scripture.  I can’t begin to list the amount of times I’ve heard Pastors give a false understanding to their congregation.  Many people will never read the word on their own and will just accept what they’ve been told.  I think that’s where the fear should be.  Believing a false narrative.

R: I definitely need to pray for those leaders that have taught falsely in the past and for the people that trusted them.  That they would know the Truth and read the Word with fresh eyes and ears.

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