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Small Strokes

My Story

I've really been planning most of my life.  In Elementary school we were given Planners to keep our parents involved in our work and to make sure that we were bringing home everything we needed to each night.  They would sign our planners and we would take them back to school for the teacher to give us a sticker in our planner.  Because my teachers would do this, I would often use Lisa Frank stickers in my planners and create little scenes for my parents/teachers to see.

When I was in college I continued using a planner, but our school did not provide us with one.  I first used a Lily Pulitzer because she had line that my sorority used.  A couple years later she stopped carrying that style so I went to Target and grabbed the cutest little thing from Blue Sky.  I used that for Graduate School and while I was preparing for my wedding.  After getting married I needed something with a little more space so I picked up a desk planner from Walmart.  I just wasn't satisfied.  One day I went to Michales to grab the 50,000 skein of yarn that I totally didn't need and decided to walk around and check out what else they had.  I remember rounding the corner and seeing in the aisle a wall of planners and heart shaped discs.  I looked at it and thought...Theres no way I could use one of those.  It's too cute.  I would tear it up.  I ended up passing it up.  

A couple months later, my best friend and I were at a new Michales in the City.  It was HUGE!  It was two stories and had an escalator to get to the second floor.  What?!  I couldn't believe it.  We went upstairs and there it was.  The Mecca of planners.  They had taken over the entire left section of the room and had 2 aisles as well as a floor display.  There were hundreds of options.  This time I couldn't pass it up.  My best friend and I decided that this was what we needed and spent the next hour looking through everything.  Gosh, I miss those days.  I mean literally, there was product hanging on the wall, inserts and covers and folders to customize your planer, and then all kinds of planners to choose from.  We kept going back and forth.  She ended up getting a phone call so we had to cut our time short.  I honestly could have stayed there for another hour looking through everything.  Did I say that it was amazing?  It was truly magical.

I started using my planner for work and wrote in the activities that we would do with the Youth.  It wasn't until a year later that I would purchase a sticker book and start using them to note my to-do's, work days, meal plan, and exercise.  I had no idea about the creative side of things.  I was purely functional.  One day I was looking at planners at the store and saw there was an insert that said to find them on Facebook.  Usually I would just ignore those, but I figured why not?  Maybe they would have pictures of some of their other planners for sale.  When I went to the site I read something about watching their latest YouTube video.  At the time I didn't really use Youtube.  Now that sounds so crazy, but its the truth.  I just didn't know what was on there and didn't feel like I needed it.  I watched a video from the Happy Planners latest release and then it suggested the next video for me.  It was Heather Kell.  

Oh. My. Word.


I was instantly in love and knew that I had to find the sticker books that she used in her video.  I was hooked.  I didn't realize that all those years ago I was a decorative planner!  I went back to Michaels and grabbed a few sticker books...and the rest is History. 

I absolutely love the Happy Planner.  Their values of brining JOY and helping us plan a life that we love is right on point.  I love using their products to keep my life in order and also to connect with others in the community.  I am a storm chaser and I used the planners to track where we have been and the important info I need to know when I am on a chase.  Not only that I love to use Memory Keepers and create my own Micro Planners.  Something that I have started really getting into again is Planner ASMR.  I know that sounds crazy, but if you haven't seen it yet, check out my IG (@Just_Starkey) and you will see just how cool it is. 

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